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dc madam got "suicided"

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm sure of it. I predicted it before this story went viral, just ask my wife.deborah jeane palfrey served a lot of high-level clients in d.c. (which isn't at all in dispute, even the corporate media is reporting that) she has indicated that dick cheney might be involved (through wayne madson's claims, although i haven't found any transcript with her saying that...

below is a quote from the alex jones story. now i know alex jones is a paleoconservative, and a religious nut sometimes, but just try to focus on HER WORDS... don't let his wonkiness (however correct or entertaining at times) distract from the real facts here.

"If taken into custody, my physical safety and most probably my very life would be jeopardized," she wrote in August 1991 following an attempt to bring her to trial, "Rape, beating, maiming, disfigurement and more than likely murder disguised in the form of just another jailhouse accident or suicide would await me..." she also stated in a radio interview in march with alex that she was not planning on committing suicide.

here is her saying that (4 min)
here is the whole interview (hour +)


Frank May 2, 2008 at 6:41 PM  

Hey man I don't know anything about this story, can you tell me why I should care? I assume she was going to give incriminating testimony of some politicians or something?

james gyre... May 2, 2008 at 8:16 PM  

yeah, basically she was murdered because she had said (you can hear it in the first mp3) that she was going to go to court, she was going to take on the government, she had already released the phone numbers of clients of the escort service (which was probably also a prostitution service) and was to give specific personal testimony and evidence of public official's involvement. already named we're some prominent officials, such as the conservative thinktank leader who coined the phrase "shock and awe" and some congressmen.

i'm not saying YOU should care, but i guess i always care about flagrant loss of life, especially when it is followed by so vigorous a media spin campaign, silence on her testimony that i've linked to, and particularly even more when it involves the very assholes who cause so much other suffering worldwide, like cheney or harlan ullman.

i don't believe prostitution should be a crime, but when these people help create the economic conditions where prostitution is profitable, go after the madam legally after using the service, and then kill her to deny their patronizing the service is hypocrisy, dishonesty and most importantly murder.

got money? feed kids!

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