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i've been sleeping on posting this, but...

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

omar souleyman. he's apparently huge in syria, having released OVER 500 cassettes. his album last year, highway to hassake is awesome. i heard a lot of synth-pop infused traditional arabic music like this when i was in morroco and turkey. i've really enjoyed this album. i found it by reading the forcedexposure.com employee top ten lists, a decent source of interesting music. the video and mp3 of the big hit are below. the video is amazing, hilarious, and surprising. the synth player is awesome. if anyone can translate the lyrics, i'd love to know what the song is about... i assume from the video it is a love story.

(mp3) omar souleyman - "leh jani (when i found out)" from "highway to hassake"


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