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face to face

>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

in 1999 i was an uncritical technoutopianist at carnegie mellon university. i had this idea for an internet networking site very similar to friendster or myspace, 3 and 4 years before either existed, respectively. i took the idea to my faculty in the "electronic and time-based art" department and received widespread support for the idea. my life would have been totally different if had pursued it.

then this hippy grad student photographer lady named cheryl casteen stopped me dead in my enthusiasm. "the most important work is face to face", she told me. not that my idea wasn't worthwhile or important, but just not to forget the importance of unmediated experience. she was adamant tht i absorb this idea. i'm not sure to this day if she is right or not, but i took it as such regardless. i was seized by the potential righteousness of her advice for me...

i scrapped the project, and my whole life exploded with goodness. that summer i was involved with the near-legendary automobile revision project, moved to vermont to build a music studio, experienced my first tastes of what true love meant, threw great parties (and one dud rave in new york city... can we say "learning experience?") and generally experienced awakening.

years later i was going through art supplies cheryl had left in pittsburgh with our mutual friend peter coffin and came across a wax of her face. ever since, i have gazed upon her face in my art space anc contemplated her wisdom... thanks, cheryl.


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