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tambour battant

>> Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tambour battant is a french breakbeat hip hop group. the have occasional forays into house and dubstep sounds. tambour battant translates into "beating drum" in french... i know because i checked with the still awesome and free babelfish translation service. anyway, it has a definite drummy sound. it sounds cheesy in a classic "positive vibes" vein, but it's good anyway. i found it browsing for dubstep on piratebay. anyway the album is "the missing link" and it's buyable.

this track features (the fun looking on his myspace page) mc jamalski of boogie down productions... yeah, that b.d.p. track's hot! jungle sounds with fun vocals...

"it's just a blip, it's just a bleep, it's just another ghetto banger in the street"

(mp3) tambour battant feat. mc jamalski - "bleep (rmx)"
from "the missing link"

i like the more aggressive track "percu'son", but i don't know enough french to see if i feel comfy posting it...


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