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>> Saturday, August 16, 2008

a little of this, a little of that. some bad news, some good news... get some chairs for the old folks and let's ramble.

first some fun stuff... this was a funny and convincing video on how easy it was to get into a club by pretending to be a d.j... guess i should hold onto my record bag even though i don't use records so much anymore...

hit me later is a great service to forward your mail into the future when you are more likely to reply. i've wanted this feature, and it's free.

in the ongoing scandals of the bush administration, a little more meat on the evidence i spoke of last week provided in this interview on democracy now. if you were not convinced of crimes already, pelosi, this should help... also even fairly mainstream press isn't buying the pinning of the 2001 anthrax attacks to bruce ivins. lots of good video. more info.

this mother jones article describes how the u.s. military fancies itself the successor to history's great empires. to bone up on history, check out the excellent and innovative timelines on the website historycommons.org.

for the web to stay innovative and pump out great collective efforts like wikipedia and history commons (above) we should be careful to provide alternative sources of bandwith, especially considering the upcoming internet patriot act. (AARRGH!!!)

if you are in spain, maybe you could help this anarchist on hunger strike... i still owe you all a post on the anarchist perspective on the 2008 presidential race... some day before election day!

and some good news, it looks like there are a lot more gorillas alive than previously believed, and even the humpack whale is making a comeback.


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