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randy pausch

>> Sunday, August 17, 2008

randy pausch got a bit famous there towards the end of his life, going on t.v., appearing before congress, etc...

he was a professor of mine at c.m.u. my family asked me if i knew the guy who died of cancer who was really famous, and i said i didn't, because i hadn't seen any of the coverage. finally the viral stuff came to my attention, and i noticed it was randy.

to be frank, i thought randy was a bit of a jerk. he was talented, no doubt, and a great motivator, but at the end of day, he seemed to care more about results than the people that brought them to him. it's a personal choice, for sure, but i feel the opposite (most of the time). the guy did get me my first high-paying job, and taught me a lot about team-building (and virtual reality), and overall provided a memorable learning experience, so i mean no disrespect, but it's funny how he became this celebrity.

anyway, here's his famous "last lecture" i didn't watch the whole thing, but there's some golden nuggets here.

and here's his site with more info...


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