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>> Wednesday, September 3, 2008

this will be a compilation of all the fucked up things about john mccain i find. while i will continue with my normal blogging of music, art, life and whatnot, i will continue to add to this post until McCain loses in november...

this man is no maverick. he may have been one time, but he sure isn't now. here's some proof...

UPDATE 3: jon stewart does his civic duty and sums up the problems with mccain here and then here...

let's start with the late tim russert owning mccain on meet the press:

UPDATE 5: this one is AWFUL. McCain, along with peabody coal, forced the relocation of a navajo tribe (over 10,000 people) onto a nuclear waste dumping site to exploit the coal for mutual gain. even the UN condemmed this under the indigenous peoples laws. the wonky but well documented official site for this is here. american computer science association condems it here. the angryindian calls it genocide... there's a good case for it, in my opinion.

UPDATE 6: this is a more psychological piece on McCain's focus on violent solutions. it makes an impassioned case for being wary of McCain's support of very deadly policies, discussing "usable nuclear weapons" and his famous temper. WARNING: contains some graphic images of american and iraqi casualties, but if you can't see this reality, you shouldn't be voting for a man who helped cause it.

McCain was against the repeal of Roe v. Wade before he was for it.
McCain was against torture before he was for it. Really for it.
McCain was against jerry falwell and pat robertson before he was for them.
McCain was against Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy before he was for them.
McCain was against shady Bush “Pioneer” Texas billionaire swift-boat financiers before he was for them.
McCain was for the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law before he was against it and began breaking it.
McCain was against Grover Norquist, whom he called “corrupt, a shill for dictators before he was for him.
McCain was against BJU because of its “hateful,” “racist and cruel” policies before he was for it.
McCain was against ethanol before he was for ethanol and then he was against it again.
McCain was against a Martin Luther King holiday before he was for it. …

there's a lot more here (and here)... he's pandered and buckled about abortion exceptions for rape and incest, taxing cigarettes for anti child smoking education, immigrants children's citizenship, gay marriage issues... you name it. this is the scratching of the surface.

UPDATE 8: this is a good list of mccain flip flops from think progress, responding to McCain's "assertion" that no one could name ONE flip flop he had made...


* Attacking Terrorists In Pakistan
* Defense Spending
* Detention Of Detainees
* Divestment And Sanctions
* Donald Rumsfeld
* Henry Kissinger
* Illegal Wiretapping
* Law Of The Sea Convention
* Long-Term Troop Presence In Iraq
* Negotiations With Hamas
* Negotiations With Syria
* Normalization Of Relations With Cuba
* Nuclear Reactors
* Nuclear Waste Storage At Yucca Mountain
* Rogue State Rollback
* Torture
* 21st Century GI Bill

* Ethanol
* Everglades Restoration
* Offshore Drilling

* Criticizing The Media
* Katrina Investigations
* Lobbyists
* The Wyly Brothers

* Americans Live Better Under Bush
* Balancing The Budget
* Bush Tax Cuts
* Earmarks For Arizona
* Fairness Of The Estate Tax
* Job Losses In Michigan
* Social Security Privatization
* Tobacco Industry Regulations
* Windfall Profits Tax

* The Dream Act
* Comprehensive Immigration Reform

* The Confederate Flag
* Jerry Falwell And The Religious Right
* The NRA
* Teaching Intelligent Design

* Gay Marriage Amendment

* Abortion Exceptions
* Repealing Roe v. Wade
* Taxpayer Funding For Contraception In Africa

now note, i've argued that governing on set-in-stone opinion isn't a great thing, but these flip-flops indicate not an open mind, or a willingness to listen, but instead indicate political expediency, pandering to the worst influences of the republican party and lack of principles.

also for a guy who only released his 1,173 pages of medical records to a handful of reporters (for 3 hours!) to pick a v.p. candidate as appalling as sarah palin isn't putting his country first. it's putting a dying man in office first, before his archaic book-burning, bible-humping, lying and cheating henchwoman takes over.

and if you can even piss off van halen (by stealing their music), you're an asshole.

more to come...

UPDATE 1: a protestor interupted john mccain's acceptance speech thursday night... his sign was true. john mccain voted against the g.i. bill, and voted against a lot of other bills that benefit veterans of the wars he likes to help start.

UPDATE 2: the republicans also stole heart's music. (actually, it turns out that they paid the royalties, but the band didn't want them to use it, so they are donating the money to obama!) and jackson browne. browne is suing them. also, the McCain campaign has decided that Sarah Palin doesn't have to answer any questions from the media, not even about the scandal issues, but any. they are all relevant to me, but this just seems like a terrible response given the importance of the election... it's bad judgement. good thing that despite Palin and McCain's efforts to block the investigation the case is getting fast-tracked.

UPDATE 4: McCain has talked about raiding colorado's water supply for the benefit of lower states by re-negotiating the 1922 western water compact. he later tried to say he didn't want to renegotiate, but the damage was done. there are some questions that this may be related to mccain's love of the craps tables in vegas. that's dispicable if it is, but even if it's not, it's worth checking out this comparison to obama's poker playing for a psychological profile.

UPDATE 7: this is a compelling argument by medical doctors as to why mccain's health is a serious liability...


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