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in case you haven't had enough... UPDATED!

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...there are a ton more gospel dancing/christian freakout video footage mashed with techstep. HILARIOUS... thank you to the airloaf.

here's my other fave:

as laura said, i'd love to find the original footage for these to hear the audio. unfortunately it's probably more often like this or even this than glossalia type shit...

UPDATE: elder mason, who founded the church of god in christ is seen in this video praise dancing. apparently it's a pentecostal thing. appalachian pentecostal dancing (complete with falling backward!) can be found in this video. it seems related to gospel dancing and more carribean and african stles of dance worship like these haitians. none of the videos i've found are as full-out wild as the baptazia videos. some christians HATE this dancing...(as in, "PSA 150:4 Praising God in a fully clothed personal dance to give thanks for spiritual freedom is acceptable, but the sexes must be separated in different rooms.") some just worry about the influence of the so-called "charismatic movement"on their worship services. anyway, here's a video... it's not drum and bass this time, but same idea...

if you still haven't had enough (specifically christian) weirdness, click here for some small town delights...

also, NOTE: i think this is great stuff. i'm not hatin' on these people. uninhibited movement is crucial to liberation, in my opinion. whether it's christian, crazed dervishes, all-male afghan nightclub dancing, secret iranian women freakouts or actual ravers, freedom is freedom. just hide your money in your shoe...


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