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mokobe - politique

>> Friday, December 26, 2008

i want that t-shirt... i'll send twenty smashing african albums to anyone who buys one for me. anyway, here's a track: (mp3)Mokobé (feat. Manu Chao, Amadou et Mariam, Tiken Jah Fakoly & Fou Malade) - "politique" from "mon afrique". it features a sample from this equally beautiful (but not for the club) kora track: (mp3)toumani diabate - "mankoman djan" from "djelika" (which is a great album to play for your parents...)

the mokobé track is hot and beautiful. according to (early internet holdover) babelfish translation, the lyrics are:

"Barrels of petrol barrels of blood C' is us the puppets with the eyes of the powerful ones One repeats that with the children looks at and learns Blows of machetes in the camps d' innocent Démocrathie of the black a band with costumes One is artisants between the hammer and l' anvil Exile without house in l' north coming from the south and considering qu' the hunger is stronger qu' the pigeons qu' one plucks policy aims at bleuf in your mouth your model c' political bulge is bush you speak in l' wind you spit on people you us ments knowingly you n' ace aucuns politicking feelings aya refrain! Politics means blood Politics means shout Politics means human being Politics means fools That' S why my friend is year obviousness Politics means violence Why my friend is year obviousness Politics means violence J' m' does not address to the d' chiefs; state But to the fathers who you are We let us be your children for qu' l' humanity thrives Are honest the world of tomorrow With each one of us l' must; to build owes l' to undergo to include/understand people hello d' access your neighbor l' future In a world or the balls have more d' influence qu' a bulletin d' vote Qu' is not necessary; one s' vautre have Politique kill' S One dreams all d' a peace One dreams all of peace 2007 We want only things clear and clear Mokobé, sick Fu, Tinder and Mariam, Tiken Jah Fakoli Manu Chao We want that peace, for everyone!"


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