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that veiled gazelle digest issue #300

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

welcome this fine friday! here is a picture of my 17-month old son, river...

MP3, MUSIC: so, in honor of the riaa ending it's policy of lawsuits against music sharing, let's start with some tracks... just some heat i've been scorched by recently all .zip'ped up on mediafire...

(mp3)bass clef - cannot be straightened
(mp3)adam tensta - dobeboy feat. eboi
(mp3)reso - if ya can't beat em
(mp3)barry lynn - new orleans
(mp3)king midas sound - lost (flying lotus mix)
(mp3)black lips - veni vidi vici (diplo remix)

note: i've noticed some of my links to mediafire were dead, even if the files are still there, so feel free to hassle me about fixing broken links... it doesn't take long once i know about it. i just fixed the links on "8 songs, 1 spirit" for instance.

NATURE, WEIRD: a lot of attention has been paid to the thailand tiger temple monks, but you should watch out for their dubious conservation claims. if you want heart-warming animal-human friendships stories you should stick with (warning: youtube link with cheesy music)christian the lion. more on christian here.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, WEIRD: another dream (nightmare?) come true... scientists have made it possible to reconstruct the images in a person's mind and display them on a computer monitor. all i want is "audio out". forget playing music, just imagine music and record it! it's similar to this bionic eye device that goes from video to neuron. anyway, a brain cell totally looks like the universe. that's no surprise to fans of the holographic model, or self similarity. anyway, belief likely exists in the brain, but did you know that more people believe in aliens and ghosts than believe in god? one burglar believed enough to be trapped by a ghost for three days (unless it was real!).

ART: both zoe lacchai and thomas woodruff do good figural work. there is occasionally good work on cgunit (NSFW), but it's a bit obsessed with naked ladies and reminds laura of the style of work in juxtapoz. some swedish guy has been investing in unethical companies and distributing the profits for art purposes. fine, but it reminds me of that old refrain, "i need to make money before i can do good..." that MIGHT be the case occasionally... but it usually is an excuse. other good art on the web recently has been the skull-a-day, this visionary art collection, and this surreal art collection. also, is selling your life art?

HUMOR: potty-mouthed chemists naming weird molecules. 20 ways to win spiritual arguments. also, good ammo against those anti-gay marriage who talk about upholding biblical marriage standards.

POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY, ANARCHY: is history repeating itself? given recent predictions of dire straights in the US soon, preposterous expenditures by the government, revolutions seem more likely in our future. it's been argued that a democratic president is actually better for helping these revolutions occur, of course, it's been argued it won't. the yinsurgent continues to be a site of this debate, and the greek riots, including updates from some of our comrades on the ground there. I liked the article on the possible role of labor in revolutionary structures. also, given some of the pardons dubya has made already, i'm surprised people aren't after bush legalizing drugs (obama recently said he isn't in favor of legalization).

MOVER: great post on the passing of studs terkel with information on oral histories. alton ellis just died in october. his political reggae like "arise black man"(torrent) was classic, but equally so we're tracks like "dance crasher" and "girl i've got a date" from his lover side... i'm also a little sad it took me this long to learn about superbarrio.

D.I.Y.: indian food-making videos. benga dubstep-making videos. cop-busting. coupons for online stores. incredible text techniques in photoshop.

LEFTOVERS: some great writing (and great music) in a recent post by carlos...

"I simply wish to underline the extremely complex interplay between the local and the foreign in the non-space that is the internet. English-speaking Spanish folks tipped off to the situation in the Western Sahara, adolescent racists with shitty spelling, French and Spanish kids of Arab descent, stereotyping hip-hop fans, a French speaker from Marrakech, all participating in the politics of a music video with a political bent of its own. YouTube as a behavioral economist's nightmare: a true Tower of Babel in which transient avatars are speaking in different languages, exchanging imperfect information with no shortage of subjectively invisible linguistic violence, slicing through a vast majority made up of Arabic-language commenters."
also, getting good press is as easy as paying people, revenge of the nerds filmaker makes something for the homeless, expensive but awesome log bowls and a (useful?) start page.

VIDEO: as wayne (from whose great digest format i based this post) would call it, videyoga (via):


carlos December 22, 2008 at 11:48 AM  

many thanks for the love on that post, man!

and nice depth on the digest format. more of these! also, i think i've shown that baptazia thing to everybody since coming back home to houston for the holidays.

james gyre... December 24, 2008 at 9:12 PM  

thanks for the good writing! it makes it easy to want to rep, yeah?

i really like the digest format... i think i'm going to do many more, but it takes a back-log of ideas to put them out...

btw, there are a few more baptazia videos here... they are all hilarious.

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