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i love techno a-z: daft punk - drop the lime

>> Wednesday, June 4, 2008

this is part of an ongoing series
abe duque - autechre
baby ford - burial
cajmere - cylob

daft punk - if you haven't enjoyed this classic album, you live under a boring rock. (unless you hate dance music, in which case you might as well stop reading this post and go listen to brahms or hannah montana or whatever it is you like.)

(mp3) daft punk - "oh yeah"
from "homework"

david bowie - not really techno, but this track kinda is. he doesn't sing, and it has a fast beat and it's basically textural manipulations by eno, i assume.

(mp3) david bowie - "abdulmajid" from "heroes"

dead prez - revolutionary rappers of high quality. this, however, is a club jam... with a revolutionary message. one of my favorite d.p. tunes...

(mp3) dead prez - "warzone" (single with pete rock)

deadbeat - beautiful dub-electronic tune by one of the montreal geniuses (along with akufen, etc...). deep textures... he mostly makes more overtly techno music, but this track is my favorite of his.

(mp3) deadbeat - "organ in the attic sings the blues" from a ~scape compilation

dee-lite - play this song and people dance. it's a total classic.

(mp3) dee-lite - "groove is in the heart" (with q-tip)

detroit grand pubahs - play this song and people feel a little dirty (in a good way) and often dance. it's an underground classic.

(mp3) detroit grand pubahs - "sandwiches" from some 12"

dinky - laura and i once danced to the beautiful ms. dinky by ourselves in the beautiful watergate club in berlin. she was warming up for a m-nus showcase and it was awesome. a melodic minimal producer with a psychedelic bent. this tune is a totally overt drug reference, but the track stands anyway.

(mp3) dinky - "acid in my fridge" from some 12"

dj hell - saw him in the same club and he rocked it. a very unique hard techno producer with a lot of brashness and attitude, but a great mixer and label boss of international deejay gigolo records.

(mp3) dj hell - unknown track w/ chicks on speed - from some bootleg cd i bought in thailand

dj/rupture - often he does a global clash style with drumnbass and hip hop and dancehall tones, but this slow latin kicker definitely qualifies for this 4/4 review... i wonder who the vocalist is... maybe rupture (or one of his readers) will tell us? UPDATE: it's fosforo.

(mp3) dj/rupture - "musquito (club foot remix)" from "special gunpowder"

dj vadim - easily in my top 5 for hip hop producers, dj vadim (from russia) occasionaly drifts into other genre territory, as in this track (which i posted the vocal of here)

(mp3) dj vadim - "them say" (instrumental) from "the soundcatcher instrumentals"

drop the lime - mostly does breakcore and dubstep (and sings very poorly), but this tune is a more classic-style rave banger (with stupid samples, but i dig it anyway...). his track "rocker party" should not be missed... awesome.

(mp3) drop the lime - "i want 2 know" from some 12" and palmsout sounds blood oranges


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